Angry Patients and Angry Clinicians

Tuesday January 16,2018 

Location:  OMA Offices, 150 Bloor Street West, Suite 900, Toronto, ON

Time: 7:30-9:30 PM

Cost: No charge, courtesy of the OMA Section on Primary Care Mental Health

Please RSVP by phone to: 416-229-2399, ext 125 (Ada or Anna) or e-mail to: michaelpare@rogers.com


Angry Patients and Angry Clinicians: Finding Resilience in a Conflictual Landscape

Faciltators: Harry Zeit MD MDPAC(C), and Irina Dumitrache YT

(Please Note this Presentation is on a Tuesday. Our Future Caring for Self while Caring for Others Presentations will Return to Wednesdays)

Anger is one of our most powerful survival responses, hardwired into us over eons of evolution.  As a response to injustice, inequity, betrayal and oppression, the widespread manifestation of anger in our current time is inevitable.

Although the emergence of anger is unavoidable, and – in fact – to some extent desirable, there is potentially great danger in this adaptive response to acute and chronic threat.  Under-contained, anger leads us to violence, destruction, regret and loss.  Over-contained and unexpressed, anger wreaks havoc on our physiology.  Finally, desperate attempts to manage anger may lead us to crippling addictions or chronic depression.

At best anger is activating and informing.  In general, our anger is aligned around our deepest values and what we know to be right.

Let’s take an opportunity to sit together and talk about anger: ours and that of our colleagues and patients.  Traditional anger management programs carry risks and limitations.  Moving forward, we will utilize mindfulness and tracking skills to identify and release anger in ways that support rather than stress our physiology.

Learning Objectives:

Learn mind/body skills to rapidly identify and defuse anger.

Discuss emotional and environmental cues that trigger anger.

Learn and practice tools to release stuck anger.

Gain skills for working with rageful parts holding trauma-based anger.

For more Information on this presentation, please contact Harry Zeit at drharryzeit@gmail.com

For more information on the series: https://omamentalhealth.wordpress.com/2017/08/06/caring-for-self-while-caring-for-others-season-six/

Our Facebook Page is Now Up and Running: https://www.facebook.com/WhileCaringForOthers/

For more information on your Caring for Self facilitators: https://omamentalhealth.wordpress.com/page/3/



Upcoming Presentations:

February 21st: Room to Hurt, Room to Rejoice: Facing and Embracing the Ways that Clinical Practice Affects Us

March 21st: Revitalizing Ourselves: Re-awakening our Aliveness

Please let us know if you want other topics covered. We are always open to your ideas and welcome the opportunity to create presentations that address your needs, goals and dreams.





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