Delve Deeper into Understanding Stress, Trauma and Physician Well-Being: July 31st to August 4th. Huntsville, Ontario.

In every practice, a significant number of patients suffer from the effects of early life adversity, trauma or high levels of stress.  This profoundly affects their bodies and minds on a variety of levels, and leaves us facing complex illnesses without clear road-maps for treatment.  As we treat these highly burdened populations, we also face high and unremitting levels of our own stress, which can – over time – affect our health and our passion for our work.

For the third year in a row, together with Amy Alexander M.D., I will be teaching a five day course on managing simple and complex post-traumatic stress.  This year, we’ve added an emphasis on our own self-care, and will be covering many tools (and some will be new and surprising rather than the same old, same old) to effectively address the ravages of stress and burnout.  Amy’s military background (and my own board-certified emergency medicine background and certification in sensorimotor pscyhotherapy) mean that we can bring you a well-rounded look at trauma, stress physiology and the unique challenges across various medical disciplines and specialties.

For more information and for links to some informative articles, check out the McMaster Muskoka Facebook page here:  https://www.facebook.com/McMasterMuskokaSeminars/ or the main McMaster Muskoka page at: http://psychiatry.mcmaster.ca/news-events/events/event/2017/07/24/default-calendar/21st-annual-mcmaster-muskoka-seminars-2017

The site is a relaxing and renewing locale where learning experientially is possible on a level not usually available in more structured settings (for instance, we will cover somatic exercises like the tension and trauma releasing exercises which would not be available in a lecture hall or auditorium).  After the morning talks, there is swimming, hiking or heading into town for the excellent home made ice cream at Belly.

Consider joining us from July 31st to August 4th and please check out the Facebook page and associated links.

Feel free to e mail me directly at drharryzeit@gmail.com

Harry Zeit MD CGPP