Caring for Self while Caring for Others

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We continue on the theme of physician self-care and resilience.  This presentation will offer a chance to reflect on what inspires and causes us to feel most alive and vital.  We’ve spent a great deal of time this year discussing the effects of chronic stress on our nervous systems and morale.  In this presentation we will switch things up a bit and focus on those aspects of our life which bring us pleasure and connection.  As usual,  we will also review and practice some tools that will help you to regulate your body, emotions and nervous system, both at rest and while under duress – freeing up our nervous systems and bodies so that we can be more receptive to and expressive of what brings our inner glow.  There will be lots of time for discussion and group sharing.

Interested in having a Caring for Self while Caring for Others presentation closer to home? Navigating our crowded and busy world at a frantic pace is never easy.  We are hearing that for some potential attendees, offering additional opportunities to experience these workshops outside of the downtown core would ease the burden of transportation.

Sharing our challenges, hopes and dreams in a supportive and caring environment, and learning new tools to stabilize our nervous system and to make meaning, have all been shown to lead to significant health benefits as well as improved patient outcomes.

If you are interested in learning more about the series, or about arranging a self-care workshop or half-day in your locale, please e mail our section chair, Dr Michael Paré at michaelpare@rogers.com and copy myself, Dr Harry Zeit, our education chair, at harryzeit@sympatico.ca

We look forward to hearing for you.